Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, “the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code,” requires police departments in Pennsylvania to make a record of all vehicle pursuits and report them to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP).  The PSP is required to collect these reports, analyze the data, and compile an annual summary that is reported to various entities. The detailed information collected from these reports is used to help identify both positive and negative factors influencing the outcome of vehicular pursuits, validate or refute the merits of pursuit policies and apprehension techniques, and recognize training successes and deficiencies. The analysis of pursuit statistics enhances the safety of police officers and the public they serve.

In 1996, individual police departments began submitting pursuit data on paper form, which were mailed to the PSP and entered into a database for analysis. On July 1, 2002, the PSP began collecting pursuit data electronically through the Pennsylvania Police Pursuit Reporting System (PPPRS) at http:\\  The PPPRS utilizes the World Wide Web technology existing within the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System (PAUCRS) to capture police pursuit data from all police agencies.   The internet provides increased accessibility to pursuit statistics and allows pursuit data to be collected with a more efficient and accurate methodology. The PPPRS offers updated pursuit statistics to both the public and police agencies.  Five years of historical statewide police pursuit statistics is available on the PPPRS website. 

At the end of each calendar year, the PSP is required to publish an annual report of statewide pursuit statistics.  The annual report is made available to the public via the PPPRS website.