Are You Aware...

    The Are You Aware... screen appears when you click on the "Are You Aware" Tab on the UCR Reporting main page. This screen is available to Agency and Administrative users and to the general public. 

    The screen contains a dropdown list of counties and a map of Pennsylvania.  

    To view crime data that has been reported by a jurisdiction, simply click the county that the jurisdiction resides in or click the county name from the dropdown list.

    Are You Aware Magnet:

     If you would like to help promote awareness of the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting web site you can add our logo to your own web page.  Copy and paste the code below into your page to display the Are You Aware logo.

The code will produce:

Powered by PA Uniform Crime Reporting

     At any time during processing on this screen, Help for the Are You Aware screen is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.