Monthly Reports - Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting Administration System 

    The Monthly Reports screen appears when you click on the "Monthly" Tab on the UCR Reports main page. This screen is available to Agency and Administrative users and to the general public. 

    The screen contains eight Tabs. These Tabs represent the types or categories of reports available for review. Clicking on the individual Tabs will take you to screens that allow you to customize your view of the Monthly reports. The seven categories for Monthly reports are "Statewide", "Regional", "County", "State Police", "College", "Hate", "Homicide", and "Other Reports".

    Each of the Report Category screens is formatted in a similar manner. The left side or center of the screen allows you to select the name of the report that you wish to view and the level of detail you would like to see. The right side of the screen allows you to specify the geographic or state police area that you want to view.

Tab Details and Geography Selection

    Based on the tab you select, you will have choices within each tab to get more specific information about the Geography, College, or State Police Jurisdiction that interested you.  Below is a listing and description of the possible choices within each tab:

In order to move from field to field on the Report Category screens, you can use your Tab key or point and click using your Mouse.

Make the selection by clicking on the circle beside your viewing preference. You can only choose one of the options. If you attempt to click on more than one, your first selection will be turned off.

    If there is a box beside the choice you made, you can also select one of the options within the box to further refine the information displayed on the report. Each box is originally set to All, so making no selection will result in the report containing all information for the option you chose. The following example applies to all of the options with the box available. The county option was chosen for illustration.

If you select the "All Counties Summary" by clicking the circle, the report will contain information for All Counties in Pennsylvania. If you want only the information for Cumberland county, you can select the specific county by clicking the down arrow and scrolling to Cumberland County in the list and clicking the name. You can get a little help positioning yourself in the list by typing the first letter of the County you would like to choose. Typing the first letter will position you to that letter within the list. You can then scroll down and make your choice.

Monthly Report Name List

    The Report Name is presented to you in drop down list format, because some of the Report Categories have multiple reports available for review. Clicking the down arrow will cause the entire list to be displayed. Select the report you would like to view by clicking on the name in the box.  You will also notice that the UCR box will only be available for reports that use UCR codes.

Year Drop-down Box

    Clicking the down arrow beside the Year box will cause the entire list of available Years to be displayed. The system keeps up to six years of information for reports. Select the Year that you would like to view by clicking on the Year in the box.

Month Drop-down Box

    Clicking the down arrow beside the Month box will cause the entire list of Months to be displayed. Select the Month that you would like to view by clicking on the Month in the box. 

        The Year / Month combination will give you report results for that Month within that Year.  You can pick any combination you desire, however you will not receive data for future months because the data isn't available yet.

"NEW" Pick a Report Output Format

    Four different report output formats are now available for viewing.  These four formats will offer plenty of reporting flexibility for various types of users.  The formats available are as follows.

        **HTML is the default format.

If you desire more than one of the above, make your first selection, click "Submit" and save the report.  Then, click the "Back" button on your browser, make your second choice, click "Submit" and save the report.  Now you will have both formats.

UCR Offense Codes List Box

     Several of the Report Category screens have an additional selection available. These particular Reports can be viewed by Offense. The Offenses are listed alphabetically by Offense Description and can be viewed by using the scroll bar or arrows on the display box. If you want to review the report for all Offenses, do not make a selection in this box. If you would like to see a report for a specific Offense, make your selection by clicking on the Offense in the list. You make multiple selections by holding down the shift key while clicking the selections.

Ready to Run Your Report

    Now that all of your selections are made click the "Submit" button and your report will appear.  If you desire to run another report, click your browsers "Back" button, re-enter your selections and click "Submit".  If you do not click the "Back" button and close the report itself, you will close your Browser session. Closing your Browser session will require you to re-enter the UCR system.     

     At any time during processing on this screen, Help for the Monthly Reports screen is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.