Annual "Crime in PA" Reports - Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting Administration System 

    The Annual "Crime in PA" Reports screen appears when you click on the "Annual" Tab on the UCR Reporting main page. This screen is available to Agency and Administrative users and to the general public. 

    The screen contains several links to allow you to download the previous year's "Crime in PA" reports. It also contains links so that you can download the software needed to view the reports.

    To get a version of the software required to view PDF files, click the or Get Acrobat Read box on the screen. This will take you to the Adobe download area for the software. This area will instruct you in the steps to take to download the product.

    To download a version of the Free Excel 97 file viewer, click the link. You will be taken to the Microsoft download area for the product. Detailed instructions on how to proceed will be provided on this page.

     At any time during processing on this screen, Help for the Annual Reporting screen is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.