Entering Return C Data - Monthly Count of Persons Charged 

    After the number of persons formally charged and their subsequent court dispositions are determined, monthly figures can be entered on Return C.  The data entry form for Return C follows the layout of the Pennsylvania State Police standard paper return.

    The Return C screen consists of several columns of information which must be entered. The statistics are entered by Offense. You should make sure that all of the data collected for the Offense being entered is present before entering the next Offense or moving to the next data entry page. The Offenses applicable for this form are listed down the left side of the form. Navigation between columns can be accomplished by using the Tab key to move to the next column for which you have data, or using the mouse.

    If you have entered this screen during the course of entering a month of data, there will be pre-filled, information in the "Persons Charged (4)" column. For each Offense that has this column pre-filled, you must enter the appropriate breakdown of the total number found in column 4 into the columns "Arrested Held for Prosecution (2)" and "Summoned Notified or Cited (3)" columns. This can be accomplished by pressing Tab until you reach the Offense with the pre-filled data. The first available data entry column is the "Arrested Held for Prosecution (2)"column. Enter the correct statistical data and Tab to the column "Summoned Notified or Cited (3)". Enter the requested information. Please note that "Total Persons Charged (4)" column will be calculated by the system and you will not be able to enter data into this column.

    In addition to the Person Charged information, Return C also requests disposition information. To continue to enter the requested statistical information for Offense, Tab to the column "Adults Guilty of Charged Offense (5)" and enter the statistics. If there are no statistics for a column, it can be left blank and the system will fill the column with zero during processing.

    Continue entering disposition statistics by Tabbing to the "Adults Guilty of Lesser Offense (6)" column and entering the requested information. When you have completed entering this information, Tab to the "Acquitted or Otherwise Dismissed (7)" column. This is the final column on the form as the data that used to be captured for Referred to Juvenile Court is now captured on the B1 Arrest screen.

    Repeat the above process for all Offenses for which you have statistics to record. Please note that "Total Part I Offenses", "Total Part II Offenses" and "Grand Total" lines will be calculated by the system and you will not be able to enter data into these lines.

    Three links are available to allow you to control the data entry process. At any time during the data input, Help for the completion of Return C is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.  Clicking on the  "Save Submission" link will save all statistics entered up to that point, in the event you are not able to complete entering all statistics for the current month's submission in one session.  Finally, clicking the "Continue" link will signal the system that you have completed entering Return C statistics.  The system will verify the data that has been entered, and return any errors for correction before moving to the next screen.