Entering Return B1 Data - Age, Sex, Race and Ethnic Origin of Persons Arrested Under 18 Years of Age 

    This screen can be reached one of three ways, either you selected a Submission for which there was already Arrest data entered or you optionally clicked on the link "Return To Juvenile Arrests List" or "Adds Are Complete " during the data entry process. The screen that is displayed will show the list of Offenses for which Age, Race, Sex and Ethnic Origin data has been entered. Each individual Offense and Sex Type that has been entered will be displayed.

    There are several Offense/Sex Type level options available to you. If you have erroneously entered an Offense/Sex Type line, you can remove it by clicking the "Remove" link found in the title bar for that entry. You will be presented with a confirmation screen. Click the "OK" button to proceed with the delete or the "Cancel" button to stop the delete process.

    If you have made a mistake in entry of any of the data columns, you can update the Offense/Sex Type line by clicking the "Change" link found in the title bar for that entry. You will be presented with the Offense in the format of the original data entry screen. You can make your changes and click the "Update" button so that they are applied. Upon clicking on the "Update " button, you will be returned to the list of Offenses/Sex Type lines for the Submission.

    If you find that you really do not wish to make a change to that Offense/Sex Type line and have not typed in any changes, click the "Update" button. You will be returned to the List with the original information intact. If you did begin to type, please reset the columns with the correct information prior to clicking the "Update" button.

    If when reviewing the list of Offense/Sex Type lines you discover that you need to add another Offense, pressing the "ADD" button will present you with a blank screen to allow for the entry. 

See Help For Return B1 Entry for more information about the entry of statistics for Return B1.

   Three links are available to allow you to control the data entry process. At any time during the data input, Help for the completion of Return B1 is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.  Clicking on the  "Save Submission" link will save all statistics entered up to that point, in the event you are not able to complete entering all statistics for the current month's submission in one session.  Finally, clicking the "Continue" link will signal the system that you have completed entering Return B1 statistics.  The system will verify the data that has been entered, and return any errors for correction before moving to the next screen.