IBR Time-Window Submission Details

     NIBRS data submissions address crime incidents and all the elements associated with them, e.g., offenses, victims, offenders, property loss, clearances, and arrestees.  The Group A Incident Report is used to report all information about Group A Offenses within six categories: incident (administrative), offense, property, victim, offender, and arrestee.  The Time-Window concept was developed as a standard for transmitting data to the FBI. Click the Time-Window Definition  link for the FBI Time-Window Rule.

     The Time-Window concept supports the submission of stand-alone exceptional clearance, recovered property, and arrest segments in the case where a Group ""A" Incident Report is no longer maintained. Implementing the Time-Window concept eliminates duplicate reporting between the summary-based and incident-based reporting systems. Group "A" Incident Reports included in the Summary-Based UCR must not be submitted as NIBRS data because duplicate reporting would result. For example, assume you convert to NIBRS reporting on June 1, and later that month an arrest is made for a murder that occurred in February. Since the murder had already been reported to the Summary-Based UCR, only the Arrestee Segment would be submitted for NIBRS. Otherwise, the murder would be ounted twice, once in the Summary-Based UCR and again in NIBRS. 

    Entering data for Time-Window Exceptional Clearance, Recovered Property and Arrestees is accomplished using Time-Window specific screens. Time-Window data entry can be initated from the Status of Submissions Screen by clicking the Time-Window Tab or selecting a submission period that falls outside of the Time-Window. For additional information, see Help For Status of Submissions .   

     You will be presented with the Time-Window Incident Search screen. From this screen, data for Group "A" Incidents that fall outside of the Time-Window can be added, updated or deleted. Directions for completion of the screen can be found by clicking the Time-Window Incident Search help  link.