Enter Offender Data

     Offender data includes characteristics (age, sex, and race) of the offender (up to 99) involved in a crime incident whether or not an arrest has been made.  The object is to capture any information known to law enforcement concerning the offenders even though they may not have been identified.  There are, of course, instances where no information about perpetrators is known.

Offender (Sequence) Number

     Each offender in the incident is to be assigned a sequence number from "01" to "99". A separate set of offender data is to be submitted for each numbered offender.  A separate set of offender data is to be submitted for each numbered offender.  If nothing is known about the offender (s), report "00".

     Note: If sequence numbers have already been assigned because the offenders perpetrated a Crime Against Person or a Robbery, simply use the same numbers.

     Example (1): A corpse with five bullet holes in it was found in an abandoned warehouse.  There were no witnesses to the crime or suspects.  The only information required is a "00".  The remainder of the offender data is ignored.  (Remember "00" should also have been reported in the offender portion of the victim data since murder is a Crime Against Person).

     Example (2): Two offenders were seen fleeing the scene of a burglary, but because they were wearing ski masks, their age, sex, and race could not be determined.  Two sets of offender data would be recorded - one with sequence number "01" and the other with "02" "Unknown" would be reported in the remaining offender categories.

Age of Offender

     The age of each offender is to be reported either as an exact number of years, a range of years, or as unknown.  Record one of the following:

     01 to 98 Years Old - report the exact age

     99 - Over 98 Years Old

     00 - Unknown

     Should the exact age be unknown, an age range can be reported.  Any range in years is acceptable.  For example, for a teenager the report could be "13 to 19".

     Example: A robbery victim described his assailant, who escaped, as in his "mid-twenties".  The report could be "24 to 26" years old.

Sex of Offender

     The sex of the offender is to be indicated:




     Does not apply

     Example: A female was seen shoplifting but escaped the scene with merchandise.  The report would be "Female".

Race of Offender

     The race of the offender is to be indicated as one of the following:

     White - A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East.

     Black - A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

     American Indian or Alaskan Native - A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North America and who maintain cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition.

     Asian or Pacific Islander - A person having origins in any of the original people of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the India subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands.  This area includes, for example, China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippine Islands, and Samoa.


     Does not apply

     Example: A white female was seen shoplifting but escaped the scene with merchandise.  Report "White".

Ethnicity of Offender

     The ethnicity of the offender is reported as:

     Hispanic Origin - A person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.

     Not of Hispanic Origin


     Does not Apply

     Example: If the offender was Cuban, report "Hispanic Origin".

     Note: The racial and ethnic origin categories used in the UCR Program were adopted from the Statistical Policy Handbook published by the Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards, U.S. Department of Commerce.


     The religion of the offender is reported as:

     Does not apply






Add Button

     After entering the data for the Offender Screen, click on the "Add" button.  The data you entered will be displayed on a recap line, under the data entry area.

Change Link

     Notice that the "Offender" data is displayed as per PA-IBR and FBI guidelines.  This recap area provides a review area for Offender Screen data, and the ability to change or delete the data entered.  If during review it is discovered that erroneous data were entered for an offender click the "Change" link in the Action column.  The line will move from the recap area back to the data entry area, where the data can be corrected.

Save Button

     After correction, click the "Save" button, and the data will move back to the recap area.

Remove Link

     To delete a line from the recap area, select the line by clicking on "Remove" link in the "Action" column next to the offense to delete. You will be presented with a confirmation screen.

OK Button

     Click the "OK" button to proceed with the delete.

Cancel Button

     The "Cancel" button to stop the delete process.  The data will be removed from the recap area.

Need Help Link  

     At any time during the data input, Help for the completion of Offender Screen is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.

Save Submission Link

     Clicking on the "Save Submission " link will save all data entered up to that point, in the event you are not able to complete entering all data for the current month's Incident Report in one session.

Continue Link

     Clicking "Continue" link will signal the system that you have completed entering Offender data.  The system will verify the data that has been entered, and return any errors for correction before moving to the next screen.