Group B NIBRS Offense Codes

     There are 11 Group B Offense categories and they encompass all of the crimes that are not Group A offenses, with the exception of most traffic offenses.  Only arrestee data (or Group B Arrest Reports) are reported fro Group B crimes.  The three-digit codes shown on the following listing are to be used for identifying NIBRS Group B offenses in Group B Arrest Reports.  The codes are unique to NIBRS but were derived from the four-digit National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Uniform Offense Classification Codes in order to facilitate interrelating offense data between the NCIC and UCR systems. 

NIBRS Group B offense Definitions

     1.  Bad Checks - 90A     Crime Against Property

     Definition - Knowingly and intentionally writing and/or negotiating checks drawn against insufficient or nonexistent funds.

     2.  Curfew/Loitering/Vagrancy Violations - 90B     Crime Against Society

     Definition - The violation of a court order, regulation, ordinance, or law requiring the withdrawal of persons from the street or other specified areas; prohibiting persons from remaining in the area or place in an idle or aimless manner; or prohibiting persons from going from place to place without visible means of support.

     3.  Disorderly Conduct - 90C     Crime Against Society

     Definition - Any behavior that tends to disturb the public peace or decorum, scandalize the community, or shock the public sense of morality.

     4.  Driving Under the Influence - 90D     Crime Against Society

     Definition - Driving or operating a motor vehicle or common carrier while mentally or physically impaired as the result of consuming an alcoholic beverage or using a drug or narcotic.

     5.  Drunkenness - 90E     Crime Against Society

     Definition:  To drink alcoholic beverages to the extent that one's mental faculties and physical coordination are substantially impaired.

     6.  Family Offenses, Nonviolent - 90F     Crime Against Society

     Definition - Unlawful, nonviolent acts by a family member (or legal guardian) which threaten the physical, mental, or economic well-being or morals of another family member and which are not classified as other offenses, such as Assault, Incest, Statutory Rape, etc.

     7.  Liquor Law Violations - 90G     Crimes Against Society

     Definition - The violation of laws or ordinances prohibiting the manufacture, sale, purchase, transportation, possession, or use of alcoholic beverages.

     8.  Peeping Tom - 90H     Crimes Against Society

     Definition:  To secretly look through a window, doorway, keyhole, or other aperture for the purpose of voyeurism.

     9.  Runaway - 90I     Not a Crime

     Definition - A person under 18 years of age who has left home without permission of his/her parent(s) or legal guardian.

     10.  Trespass of Real Property - 90J     Crime against Property

     Definition - To unlawfully enter land, a dwelling, or other real property.

     11.  All Other Offenses - 90Z    Crimes Against persons, Property and Society    

     Definition - All crimes that are not Group A offenses and not included in one of the specifically named Group B crime categories list above.