Search For Time-Window Incident Data 

    This screen can be reached in many ways, either you selected the Time-Window Tab from the Status of Submission screen, selected a Submission Period which falls outside the Time-Window on the Status of Submissions screen, or you optionally clicked on the link "Return to Incident Search" or you clicked the "Time-Window Incident Search " tab during the data entry process of a Time-Window Incident. The screen that is displayed will allow you the option to search for an existing Time-Window Incident or add a new Time-Window Incident.


    A data entry box is available for you to enter your existing Time-Window Incident number. Pressing the "Search" button located beside the box will return the incident requested in a list. Beside the Incident you will see a "Change " link. Clicking the change link will take you to a screen that summarizes the information currently in the system for the selected Incident.

    If you have entered the Search for Time-Window Incident screen from the "Return to Incident Search" link or "Time-Window Incident Search" tab, the list of Incidents will include all Time-Window Incidents for the time-period corresponding to the Time-Window Incident with which you were last working.

Add An Incident Link

      If you have no existing Time-Window Incident,  pressing the "ADD an Incident" link will present you with a blank screen to allow for the entry.

Return Link

      Pressing the " Return " link will return you to the Status of Submissions screen.

 Need Help 

  At any time during the data input, Help for the completion of Incident information is available by clicking on the "Need Help? " link on the bottom of the page. 

See Help For Time-Window Incident Entry for more information about the entry of Incident data.