IBR Submission Confirmation 

    The IBR Submission Confirmation screen allows an Agency to view the status of the individual Incidents for a monthly Submission and work with the individual Incidents submitted. You can reach the IBR Submission Confirmation screen by:

1) Clicking on a Month/Year column (Submission Period) on the Status of Submission screen

2) Clicking on the Confirm Tab at anytime during the data entry process

3)  Processing through a Submission data entry or review 

    The IBR Submission Confirmation screen has three major parts: the Important Messages, the Status of Submission and the Status Definitions.

   The Important Messages section is located at the top of the IBR Submission Confirmation screen. This area will contain informational messages from the system concerning the Incidents submitted that need to be completed for the month.

    The Status of Submission section contains the status information for the Submission period being processed. Each IBR Incident form is listed down the left side of the page as a link. You can reach any of the individual data forms by clicking on the link. Across from each form name is the data entry status for the form. The Status Definitions are located at the bottom of the IBR Confirmation Screen. 

    When you have completed the entry of all of the required data for reporting period, click on the "Submit" button. The Submission will be validated and any errors returned on a new Tab titled "Problems".

See Help For Problem Report for instructions for working with this data.

    If you have no errors with the submission, you will receive a page letting you know that your Submission was a success. 

See Help For Submission Validated for additional information.

    Clicking on the  "Save" button will save all statistics entered up to that point, in the event you are not able to complete entering all incidents for the current month's submission in one session.  

    If you have recalled a submission and decide not to make any changes or you begin entering a submission and would like to quit without saving any of the information you entered thus far, click the "Cancel Submission" button. Using the Cancel Submission button for a submission that has been recalled will reset the status of the submission to complete. It will also remove any changes you may have made to that submission. Using the button for an Incomplete submission will delete all of the information entered for the submission and reset the status to the status prior to the data entry. The "Cancel Submission" button is not available for a Submission that is in "Accepted" status.

        At any time during the data input, Help for the IBR Confirmation screen is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.