Submission Problem Report 

    The Submission Problem Report screen allows an Agency to view the problems which occurred during the validation of a Submission. You can reach the Submission Problem Report screen by:

1) Processing through a Submission clicking the "Submit" button on the Summary Submission Confirmation screen

2) Clicking on the Problem Tab at anytime during the data entry process

3) Clicking on the Error status on the Status of Submission screen

    The Submission Problem Report screen is comprised of a table that lists all of the problems encountered with a submission. These problems generally involve errors that occurred during the data entry process.

    Some of the errors will involve totals on one screen that do not added up to totals on another screen. These are known as cross-return edits. For example, the error LEOKA: Sum of Total Assaults By Weapon not equal to sum of Return A Assaults, is caused because the total Assaults entered on A for LEOKA does not match the total number of Assaults entered on the LEOKA screen.

    Other errors may be contained within the screen. For example, the error: LEOKA: Assaults by Weapon not equal to Assaults by Assignment for the offense, is cause when the totals within a screen do not match.

    Across the top of the table are column titles; No., Problem, and Details. The first column of the table contains a sequential number. The second column contains information about the actual edit problem that occurred. The third column contains further details about the problem.

    You should use the information in found in the problem column to proceed to the correct screen to fix the problem. You can proceed to a specified screen by clicking on the Tab for that screen. The details column often points to the exact field on the screen. 

    After you apply the necessary fixes to the appropriate screens, you should return to the Summary Submission Confirmation screen and click the "Submit" to re-process the Submission.

    If you have no errors with the submission, you will receive a page letting you know that your Submission was a success. 

See Help For Submission Validated for additional information.

    If you still have errors, the Problem table will be updated to display only those errors that are still an issue. Follow the same steps to resolve these errors.

    At any time during the data input, Help for the Summary Problem Report screen is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.