File Upload

     The process begins with each reporting agency entering all criminal activity occurring within its jurisdiction during the month on their own automated record management system, and creating an ASCII-formatted file, instead of entering the data using the web-based PUCR data entry screens.  Reporting agencies then use the File Upload screen to transmit their ASCII-formatted file for processing.  The data in the uploaded ASCII-formatted file is processed by a scheduled task.  The task validates the UCR data and if the data passes all edits the data is made available for reports. 

    The ASCII-formatted file containing UCR data must be uploaded by the 10th of the month to be included in the FBI monthly submission.

    The screen is reached from the File Upload Tab which is available from the Main processing page. When an Agency clicks on the Home Tab, they are returned to the main processing page, Status of Submission. Clicking on the File Upload Tab will display the File Upload screen.

    The File Upload screen contains detailed instructions on how to load the ASCII file for processing under the heading: Instructions for submitting UCR data using File Upload. 

    The first step in the File Upload process is to specify the location and name of the file that contains the UCR submission. This is accomplished by clicking the "Browse" button on the screen. When the browse button is clicked, you are presented with a standard file selection box. 

    This box can be navigated in the same manner as the standard Windows Explorer file box. Navigate to the drive/directory on your computer where the file is located and double click on the file. You will be returned to the File Upload screen. The fully qualified file name will now be displayed in the data entry box prior to the "Browse" button on the screen. 

    To process the file, click the "Upload File" button. The file upload will process. If the upload is successful, the screen will refresh and present you with the message: Congratulations. Your file was received. The submission (s) in the file may be scheduled to process overnight according to PSP Administrator guidelines. The outcome of the processed submission (s) can be viewed on the Status of Submissions page.

See Help For Status of Submission for additional information.

    There are two types of problems which may have occurred with the File Upload Submission. The first type, which consist of Elementary Edit errors and File Format problems can be viewed on the Status of Files screen.

See Help For Status of Files for additional information.

    The second type of errors consists of Relationship errors. These errors can be viewed on-line via the Summary Status Confirmation screen.

See Help For Summary Submission Confirmation for additional information.

    The Agency has the option to correct the errors with the Submission on-line or re-submit their ASCII file for processing.

    At any time during the data input, Help for the File Upload screen is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.