Status of Files

     The Status of Files screen is used to notify the Agencies of the status of their File Upload Submissions. It lists the outcome of processing the contents of file uploads. Depending upon PSP Administrator settings, files may be scheduled to process rather than processed immediately after being received via the File Upload facility.

     The screen is reached from the Status of Files Tab which is available from the Main processing page. When an Agency clicks on the Home Tab, they are returned to the main processing page, Status of Submission. Clicking on the Status of Files Tab will display the Status of Files screen.

    The Status of Files screen lists all of the files for which statistics are available for the Agency. The file name is a link to details concerning the outcome of the Submission. Click on the file name to review the details of the Submission.

    You will be resented with a screen containing the contents of the file. It lists all submissions that were in the file upload along with the status of each (Completed or Errors). Clicking on a submission with status "Completed" will bring up the Submission Confirmation page (Summary) or the Incident Search/Add page (IBR). Clicking on "Errors" brings up the Validation Report page. This screen will list the Elementary Edit errors and File Format problems. 

    The Agency has the option to correct the errors with the Submission on-line or re-submit their ASCII file for processing.

    At any time during the data input, Help for the Status of Files screen is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.