View Jobs - Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting Administration System 

    The View Jobs screen appears when the "Jobs" link is clicked on the System Functions screen. This is a screen that is populated with all of the Jobs currently available for execution. Use this screen as your source to work with the Jobs and schedules.

    The screen consists of a table that lists all of the jobs available for execution. The table displays the Name, Description, Last_Run_Date and Last_Run_Time for the jobs. The actual Name value within the table functions as a link. These values are underlined. Clicking on one of the Names within the table will cause the Schedule Job screen to appear with the old field values populated. 

For information on how to work with the Job Schedule, see Help For Schedule.

    The screen also has five Tabs available for navigation. The "System" Tab can be clicked to display the System Maintenance screen. This screen contains links to Systems functions. 

See Help For System Functions for additional information.

    The "Juris" Tab can be clicked to display the Juris Maintenance screen. This screen contains links to Juris functions. 

See Help For Juris Functions for additional information.

    Clicking the "Code Tables" Tab will display the Code Table Maintenance screen. This screen contains a drop down box to allow you to select the Code Table you wish to maintain. 

See Help For Code Table Maintenance for additional information.

    Click the "Statute Code" Tab to display the Statute Code Maintenance screen. 

    Clicking the "Counties" Tab will display the Counties Maintenance screen. This screen contains links to County and Township functions. 

See Help For County and Township Functions for additional information.

     At any time during processing on this screen, Help for the View Jobs screen is available by clicking on the "Need Help?" link on the bottom of the page.